A realistic and literate roleplay wolf pack based off of the Wolfquest community. All players welcome!
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Meet & Greet! O.K. Everyone we've just finished our first Activity Check and as of now only the people that have been posting are left on the site. That being said and done I think we should set a date for a Meet & Greet so that everyone can get to know each other a tad. Monday, 04/04 at 6 pm EST I'll be here on the site so I hope that everyone can join me to talk, hang out and role-play a bit.
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PostSubject: .::Zodiac::. [F]   .::Zodiac::. [F] I_icon_minitimeMon Mar 14, 2011 4:35 am

.::Zodiac::. [F] 4141776967_c4c6ee5e0e

First Name: Zodiac.
Last Name: .
Age: Three Years.
Gender: Female.
Mate: None.
Rank: Loner.

.::Zodiac::. [F] 4142533950_c37c40335c

Markings/Scars: None.
Build: Stocky, but slender build. Generally built for strength but she can vary between strength and speed.
Weaknesses: She can be out maneuvered, over powered.
Strengths: Her stocky yet slender build allows her to both over power and out run most wolves. She is a fast thinker, though she tends to act before thinking something completely through.
Talents: Fishing, Going unnoticed, Moving swiftly from one land to the next.
Habits: Lazing out in the sun, keeping a look out, Spending her time in rivers fishing.

.::Zodiac::. [F] 4141776817_83afb9c869

Personality: Zodiac is what you may call a optimistic wolf. She’s not the sort of girl to get upset about yesterday and let it ruin today. She always sees the brighter side of things even though it sometimes irritates her. She’s a grateful wolf and isn’t the wolf to take things for granted. You’ll always see her keeping herself busy by either taking care of her self, or being lost in thought. She enjoys the simple things in life a good nap, full stomach, and friendly company. One thing is after being alone for almost three years, Zodiac needs company. She doesn’t realize it but she went insane those years with no one to talk to.

She’s a patient wolf, ridiculously patient. Ask anyone around her and you’ll see she has no temper what so ever. You can insult her however you want it doesn’t tick her off. She will get annoyed if anything. It’s impossible to make Zodiac cry; she’s a happy wolf and nothing you can say can bring her to the point of tears. Also, her mood is very changeable when it comes to the weather. She gets gloomy when it’s rainy or cloudy, but is rather happy and laid back when the sun is out with clear blue skies. She enjoys good company. A good conversation with a polite, charming wolf. She can’t help but become uncomfortable when a wolf is uptight and rude. She’s nice, and giving, and actually has a humored side. She loves a good laugh and if you’re able to make her laugh, you’re a friend in her book.

The negatives to Zodiac are quite simple. She doesn’t confined or trust in any body. She finds it harder to depart from them, and she does believe in some ways she is a jinx (though will never admit it) and doesn’t want to see anyone hurt. She’s extremely touchy when it comes to her past (that’s why she never tells a soul about it), and if you mention anything about her being a curse lord knows what she’ll do. She really despises fighting and death though she’s become accustomed to it. She always puts off training, but she does get to it.

.::Zodiac::. [F] 4142534140_cd99988f9f

History: Not done.

.::Zodiac::. [F] 4142534122_9b96105695

Trysta - Dead.
Aries - Unknown presumed dead.
Brothers - Unknown left at an early age.
Sisters - None, was still born.

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