A realistic and literate roleplay wolf pack based off of the Wolfquest community. All players welcome!
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Meet & Greet! O.K. Everyone we've just finished our first Activity Check and as of now only the people that have been posting are left on the site. That being said and done I think we should set a date for a Meet & Greet so that everyone can get to know each other a tad. Monday, 04/04 at 6 pm EST I'll be here on the site so I hope that everyone can join me to talk, hang out and role-play a bit.
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PostSubject: Azzurra ~ Kyugima [F]   Azzurra ~ Kyugima [F] I_icon_minitimeSun Mar 13, 2011 3:42 pm

Name: Azzurra
Age: 3 years of age
Gender: Female
Desired Job: Hunter

Description: Azzurra is a light muddy coloured wolf. Her muzzle and a couple of patches on her chest are a darker muddy/chocolate brown, whilst parts of her paws, ears, tail, and back are a pale grey.
She isn't a large wolf, under the thick shaggy fur, her body slight and long legged, built for speed. Her long coat can sometimes get in the way, on hot days if she must run she will over heat easily, but in the colder weather she is the warmest of them all.
Personality: Azzurra takes pleasure in putting herself to the test. Trying to run that bit faster than the day before, catching the bigger elk, being able to run further in hot weather before her coat takes it's unfortunate toll on her.
While it may seem that Azzurra is always in a competition with herself (and others when she drags them in somehow) it is simply her way of playing. Being best is the game, being top is the prize.

History: Like any normal wolf, Azzurra was born of the alpha pair in your average wolf pack. She spent her puppy days blissfully by her mothers side, the pack working towards her and the other pups survival. Not long after Azzurra hit the age of 1 her father died. It was a natural death, her father getting on in years. her mother was left alone, but with no one challenging her for the alpha position, Azzurra's mother was not too fussed.
When Azzurra hit the age of 2, she was expelled from the pack. Due to her mother being the alpha, with no mate, to have a female in her prime around like Azzurra would have been a threat to her, if a male that was not related to them came along. If they did, their choice was Azzurra or her mother, and they would go for Azzurra, being the younger female.
Since then Azzurra has been wondering on her own, every now and then trying to gain acceptance with other packs, but always being turned down.
Family: Mother: Alessa - Alive
Father: Abramo - Deceased
And many brothers, a few sisters, but they left the pack to form their own packs before Azzurra's arrival.


ʂɧɵɯ ʏɵʊɾ ʂƙɨɪɪʂ Azzurra strode quietly, her panting and heavy breath, soft foot falls, and the warning calls from the birds over head the only noise to distract her from the protestation of her starving belly. She was in a dry spell, having not come upon anything worth a meal in a few days. She felt the growling of her stomach, growling back to tell it to be quiet. What was the point of searching for food if the whole forest could hear one's gut shouting to the heavens for food?
She froze in place as she heard the small scuttering footsteps of some sort of rodent ahead, knowing her chance at food lay not to far ahead. It was probably a rabbit or mouse out searching for its own meal, and had unwittingly stumbled onto Azzurra's path. Azzurra lowered herself close to the ground, paw by paw trying to sneak up on the unsuspecting snack.
Azzurra didn't know what gave her away when the rabbit bolted, all she knew was she was about to have her first meal in a while when the bundle of fur shot away, long spring like legs catapaulting it into the distance. But Azzurra was a speedy wolf, and wouldn't let the meal escape her. She bolted after it, paws moving a hundred miles an hour beneath her body. But a comination of losing sight of the rabbit and starting to overheat made her stop. She put her nose to the ground to get an idea of where she was, snorting as she stuck her nose into a somewhat fresh territory marker. She had just stumbled into another's territory by chance
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