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Meet & Greet! O.K. Everyone we've just finished our first Activity Check and as of now only the people that have been posting are left on the site. That being said and done I think we should set a date for a Meet & Greet so that everyone can get to know each other a tad. Monday, 04/04 at 6 pm EST I'll be here on the site so I hope that everyone can join me to talk, hang out and role-play a bit.
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PostSubject: Fell [F]     Fell  [F]               I_icon_minitimeSat Mar 12, 2011 7:07 pm

Name: Fell
Nickname(s): N/A
Age: Six Years (I’m old! D:)
Gender: Female
Rank Desired: Hunter
Coat:(Length) Around 4 inches, a long coat, making her suited to winter
Fur Color: Black with tanish-silverish highlights all over, mostly in the underbelly, head, mid-section, and tail areas.
Eye Color: Golden
Markings/Scars: Lots of scars, though you can only see them in the places with shorter hair (head, legs, ears…) Fell also has a torn ear and lame hind leg (right)
Build: Fairly stocky build, making her stronger then average

Personality: Fell is very calm and quiet, never talking much and preferring to stay in one spot then traveling. She is somewhat kind, and can be harsh. She is extremely defensive of her pack and will die gladly for them. She doesn’t like to fight too much though, unlike her younger days, but she will if needed. She fights for those who need help and she fights for what's right. She's also very fierce and aggressive if pushed.

History: Fell keeps that to herself, and will not say where she has come from

Weaknesses: Fell is built mostly for strength, leaving her not so very fast or having much agility.
Strengths: Strength, and stamina
Talents: Hunting and defending her pack
Habits: Saving other wolves' butts, also staying out of sight of other wolves, not caring about the weather.

Extras: Fell can be very un-social and socially awkward
Reference: Fell  [F]               Z83891880 (just add scars and you’re good)

ʂɧɵɯ ʏɵʊɾ ʂƙɨɪɪʂ:
Fell trudged through the snow, taking no notice of it clinging to her pelt, thus making her legs and chest soaking wet. The frost stung her nose and eyes, making it almost impossible to smell or see, she did take notice of this. She now relied on her keen hearing. She breathed heavily through her mouth as she stopped, the freezing air bit her red tongue. Sighing, she went on again, looking for shelter. She stopped suddenly, twitching her ears. She heard something far off; she couldn’t make it out though. She turned and went in the direction of the sound in a swift trot. She now came close to it and could make it out, a wolf’s howl. She answered the howl with a low, long howl. The stranger howled back to her, beckoning for her to come. Fell went on at a walk now, holding her tail up and perking her ears in dignity.
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Fell [F]
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